Getting wild out here

Between the wildlife, the rivers that are full of snow melt runoff, farmer’s markets & multiple festivals every weekend, there is starting to be a lot going on up here.

KODI Rafting is running the Blue, Colorado, Arkansas, Clear Creek and (big treat) Tenmile Creek right now. Twin Seasons Vacations guests can ride with KODI for less. As us about your discount!

Blue River at Silverthorne

The elk and moose can be seen in random locations around town.  The two shots below were taken from a car window, as an example of how easy it is to see them.  If you can, come see them and us!  June is heating up with weekend festivals this Saturday in Dillon, Keystone, Copper Mountain and Breckenridge.  Beer, art, music, food, roasted marshmallows, the list goes on.  It is all getting started and the weather could not better.  78F for the high today.  Grab your shorts and hit the road!

Moose in Wildernest